The quality control department consists of three experienced engineers who carry out rigorous quality control and monitoring via our IT platform.

Our quality management system includes four main features: Transparency, real-time monitoring, completeness and automated processes.


The digitised IT-monitored platform provides customers with the ability to keep track of the current status of their products. Customers can access the system individually from their location. This empowerment promotes better quality management and is in line with our customer-focused strategy. We share what is useful for our customers.


Our state-of-the-art IT platform consists of customised software and a framework of a PC-based monitoring system. All processes from the various production stages, from the incoming materials to the finished product, can be monitored in real time. This allows for immediate inspections and timely instructions for changes throughout the system.


Every aspect and every single step of the manufacturing process and the final products are comprehensively checked. All QC checks are carried out to predetermined specifications, followed by a clear answer - 'pass' or 'fail' with a detailed report. 



Automation is the key to GENSAC's quality control success. A predefined algorithm is set before each manufacturing cycle to allow automatic control and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process. This automation not only enables checks, but also leads to automatic adjustments and improvements.