We use fully compatible CAD-CAM 3D drawing and design programs in our Computer Systems and CNC Machines. We offer our customers the luxury of developing their products with our expert staff at the design stage.

In our laser cutting machines Bystronic 4KW Fiber , the maximum sheet thickness is 20 mm for mild steel, 15 mm for stainless steel and 10 mm for aluminium. Maximum Laser cutting dimensions are 3000-1500 mm.

In our pipe and profiles laser cutting machines BODOR 2 KW is the wall thickness 10mm for mild steel, 10mm for stainless steel and 10mm for aluminium.

We punch, drill and perforate up to 6 mm in 1500 mm wide soft metal sheets and 4 mm thick stainless-steel sheets. We also carry out the same work on copper, aluminium, galvanised and plastic sheets.

In our machines, we bend all kinds of metal sheets up to 3000 mm length and 10 mm thickness at desired angles.

We carry out welding work on all types of metal, including aluminium, using the latest technology machines, including 2KW laser welding units and TIG, MIG, and spot PUNTA.

Models formed by combining several parts in line with the demands of the customers are assembled with great care and care by our assembly team after the production stages.

Electrostatic powder paint process is applied in desired colour and feature according to customer request.

Our dedicated quality control department consists of three experienced engineers who carry out rigorous quality control and monitoring via our IT platform.

Secured delivery, guaranteed timing and advantageous shipping costs… The complete and simultaneous operation of our shipping department, where the barcoding system is applied, constitutes one of the most important works of our absolute customer satisfaction principle.